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Project Management

With Sage Accounting, HR and Payroll Solutions, you can keep track of your project costs from implementation to completion, have real-time visibility to track WIP (Work-in-Progress) manage your customer relationship, track your finances and manage labour effectively.

Law Firms

Being in the legal profession entails building and keeping trust. Whether you are keeping track of your finances and assets, and making your staff feel secure, or providing your clients quick responses to their inquiries and manage time and billing, Sage ERP and Accounting solutions lets you build that trust


The way schools manage their finances is changing. Sage Accounting and Payroll Solution allows budgetary control for unlimited number of years, as well as funds management. Whether you want to accept incoming payments (tuition fees) or make outgoing payments to your suppliers or employees, Sage ERP, Accounting and Payroll Solutions provides easy means to record transactions to make for traceable and accessible data analysis.


Sage provides you with robust and efficient financial and accounting solutions that allow you to focus on what’s important—your patients and your practice. With Sage Accounting and Payroll Solutions

Transport & Logistics

Whether your company operates on land, sea, or air, or moves people or things, Sage solutions help you contend with the challenges that comes with documenting your finances, keeping track of your fixed assets – fleet, complying with local tax laws, invoicing and pricing your services along with the comprehensive accounting that core functionality that Sage Accounting solutions come with


Our business management solution integrates all processes from procuring seeds, machinery, planting, harvesting, packaging, marketing as well as sales, while providing visibility and adherence to quality and tax control, keeping you a step ahead of the competition.


Have a bird’s eye view of your manufacturing processes from procurement, to warehousing, packaging, inventory, distribution and labour, and be sure to provide your customers with the best quality products and services.

How Our Products Can Help You

Manage Employee and Payroll

Keeping employees happy by managing payroll processes, risk mitigation, time, benefits, and recruiting the right talent can be a quite daunting task without having a unified HR system. With Sage HR and Payroll solutions, you can centralize all current and historical information to enable effective decision-making. Best of all, it reduces the time spent on clerical work such as; redundant data entry, to help you focus on strategic management tasks that improve employee retention.

Manage Accounting and Finances

Sage ERP, Accounting and Payroll solutions help you manage your business with a fully integrated business solution. Sage ERP management system automates your most important processes, reduces your reliance on spreadsheets, and gives you greater visibility into real-time business performance. Tailor your system to your business by configuring workflows, screens, and preferences—all without costly coding or scripting. Increase team productivity, make faster decisions, and drive your business forward.

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General Business

In a fast-paced business environment such as ours, it is essential for every department to have the tools and flexibility to work more efficiently and effectively. You need to have financial insights on the general health of your business to enable you make plans and grab on to opportunities when they arise.

With our ERP, Accounting, HR and Payroll Solutions, managers can swiftly pinpoint priority accounts, clients that are at risk and business opportunities. This means that potential pitfalls are identified and rectified even before they come up.

Keep Track of Company’s Fixed Assets

Sage delivers the tools necessary to gain complete control over the entire lifecycle of fixed assets as well as address the growing number of compliance concerns. The day-to-day management of fixed assets is a critical business function—one not easily understood outside the accounting and finance departments. Incomplete or inaccurate fixed asset management and reporting can negatively impact the bottom line with overpaid taxes and insurance, and potentially cause corporate compliance failures. The Sage solutions deals with every aspect of the lifecycle of your business, saving you from compliance issues and saving a lot of costs that would have arisen from improper documentation and depreciation of fixed assets.

Why Choose Us ?

At Excellium Consulting we have a group of well trained and knowledgeable consultants who are experts in this field and have years of experience. You can be rest assured that you are in good hands and we would always be there to proffer solutions to any issue you may have.

We are aware that every company is unique and so are their needs. Our methodology includes a detailed needs analysis to understand your current challenges and recommend a solution that best suits you business. Our service goes beyond selling you our solutions. We strive to give you a solution that you MUST use.

Our highly experienced and dedicated operational teams provides comprehensive business solutions with effective customer support and service to ensure you achieve your core business objective which is to maximize profitability.

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